In this riveting book Mrs. Peterman takes us with her on the journey from her beloved gully in her backyard where, as a child she sat for hours watching janga fish at play; to the United States where she and her husband Frank explore the spectacular National Parks and forests and the boardrooms where she strives to help protect their future; to the landmarks of Europe, Africa and Asia and back to the mystic Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park of her native Jamaica.


The book tracks our odyssey through the National Park System since 1995. It unveils the wonders of nature and the awesome beauty awaiting all Americans in our national parks. It shares the historic contributions that Americans of color and particularly African Americans, have made to the system. It looks at natural resource protection and climate change, and our role in connecting these issues to the general population.


Audrey Peterman is a national award winning environmentalist. A native of Jamaica and a citizen of the US, she and her husband Frank co-authored the book, Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Treasures and Tells Why Every American Should Care. Since 1995 she has visited more than 160 of the 397 units of the National Park System and is an advocate for their continued protection.